Website traffic: Tips to bring more business through Instagram

Oct 6, 2022 | Blogs

Tips To Bring More Website Traffic Through Instagram

One of the strongest marketing strategies for any brand is driving traffic from Instagram. You may direct all the clicks to most websites as well as the pages of the product or most recent blog entries with the right technique. There are still many ways to guide visitors in the correct direction, even though Instagram posts and Reels are not technically clickable. Below, we have listed some of the few methods to use Instagram and increase website traffic.

Tips to boost website traffic via Instagram

1. Make the best use of Instagram story link stickers

Link stickers for Instagram Stories are a crucial traffic-generating strategy. In your Instagram Stories, you can share links to any website in case you happen to have a Business or a Creator account. It is the best technique to bring more traffic to your website. It will increase the number of people who view your material, facilitating users’ ability to click over and purchase goods or services more easily than before. And by using a scheduler for your Instagram stories, you will be able to sit down in front of your computer and figure out Instagram Stories for an entire week in one whole session.

2. Investing in Instagram ads

Make an Instagram ad if you are looking for a quick way to increase traffic from Instagram. Instagram advertisements may greatly benefit your brand if you employ the appropriate technique. Also, they are a proven way to reach more consumers. Think carefully about your end goals in order to maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram advertising. Concentrate on creating a compelling call to action (CTA) to increase traffic. Your target audience, creative needs, and budget can all be determined with the help of a clear understanding of your goals. All these will make the entire process more targeted and effective.

3. Attract people with CTAs or Call to action

Instagram Reels are always a single-way path to growth. However, they can even be major traffic generators. How? With the help of a clean and crisp CTA directing readers to your Instagram page’s link in bio. This can be done through the use of a –

  • voice call-out.
  • video caption.
  • on screen text.
  • or any combination of the three. 

Moreover, direct readers to the link in the bio. This is a quick and easy approach to maximizing the value of your profile.

4. Working with influencers

You occasionally need an extra push to increase brand recognition and broaden your audience. Working with influencers will help you spread your message further. To develop effective Instagram content, connect with influencers in your specialty or business, whether that is sports, beauty, fashion, or other verticals. Influencers attract followers’ attention. It is because they are well-known for their product recommendations and reviews.

5. Put a website link in your Instagram bio

The “link in bio” strategy is the most popular method for directing Instagram followers to your website. Make good use of the one clickable link you are allowed to add to your Instagram bio. Go to Edit Profile and enter the URL in the Website text box to add one.

You may utilize the link in your bio to send followers to a page that has the same aesthetic as your Instagram feed. This will allow them to click on the photographs to read your content or buy your goods. The top stories of the day are shown on a curated page when followers click the link. Users can click on an image to view its background narrative.

You can discover important data about what content works best with an analytics dashboard. To create a content strategy, concentrate on posts with good performance. In addition, you may enhance sales and the number of subscribers to online content like –

  • blog posts.
  • newsletters.
  • or email campaigns by tracking clicks on Instagram. 

Also, use a vanity URL or a Bitly link to shorten the link. This will let you watch your click-through rate and see where your clicks are coming from.

6. Put your most clicked stories in your permanent highlight

Instagram stories can vanish after 24 hours. But with the assistance of the correct plan, they can remain on your profile page indefinitely. They are the finest approach to give your tales a longer shelf life while also expanding their audience, increasing their visibility, and increasing their traffic. 

By classifying their top stories into distinct categories and themes and highlighting them, users make it easy for their audience to identify the content that interests them. This will enable visitors to understand what you are about. Also, this will keep your highlights current and at the top of your article queue.

7. Take the help of an Instagram store 

Opening an Instagram store is a top game-changer for attracting new clients and increasing traffic. Businesses can use the functionality to compile a selection of shoppable goods that are easily accessible via the button “View Shop” on their profile page on Instagram. 

In addition, businesses that have any type of Instagram shop may feature their merchandise on the tab of the Instagram shop. This will allow customers to find their goods on the Instagram social media app even more easily.


You can increase your website traffic by making use of –

  • Instagram story link stickers.
  • investing in Instagram ads.
  • attracting people with CTAs.
  • working with influencers.
  • putting a website link to your bio.
  • putting the most clicked stories to your permanent highlight.
  • getting an Instagram shop. 

If you need expert help, contact Digitalgrowthmasters. They can help boost your website traffic via your Instagram profile in no time.

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