Social Media Engagement: Various ways to increase it

Nov 14, 2022 | Blogs

Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

If you truly want to create an impact on the market, a strong social media presence is what is needed! Most modern brands today are focusing on ways through which they can enhance their social media engagement and raise their reach. 

Well, when we talk of social media engagement, it is not just about increasing the popularity of your brand or company. But at the same time, it focuses more on making more meaningful connections. Yes, you heard that right! This would eventually increase the number of potential customers you had! It shall also boost your brand, both online and offline, and increase your ROI. 

Before diving deep, let us first try understanding what ‘social media engagement’ actually is! It is the measurement of your likes, comments and shares. The biggest measure of your social media success is not just to have a huge crowd of fans but to have an engaged audience that counts! 

You must be striving for quality for your business, not quantity! Therefore, activity and engagement are extremely crucial for the overall development of your brand on any social media platform. 

In a nutshell, it is all about measuring every interaction that a potential future customer does with your brand through –

  • likes
  • comments
  • tweets or retweets
  • shares
  • mentions
  • hashtags. 

Tips to increase your social media engagement:

Hoping alone will not always make sense! You cannot just expect your followers to get chatty all of a sudden out of nowhere! You need to encourage them to do so, and here are a few tips and tricks through which you can push them towards the same: 

  • Analyze your engagement

To earn more followers, you will first need to know exactly where to get started! Firstly, you will need to jot down your current number of followers, the average number of likes, comments or shares you are getting per post, and accordingly, you know how to boost that up! This will help you analyze the tricks that are working for you and those that might not! You can even get in touch with several social media analytics tools readily available on the internet to check things out! 

  • Evaluate your business strategy

Once you know where to start, you will need to focus on building the strategy. Know that there is no such thumb rule that could work for everyone. What works for your brand might not work for mine! This is because the goal of every company is unique and different in its own ways; thus, the social media strategy should also vary. Based on the kind of content that suits your brand, and the things it has to offer to the audiences, you can likewise drive your content strategy! You may work on changing the perception of audiences towards your brand. Also, develop new customer leads or collect feedback about new customers and educate your audience with new resources. DigitalGrowthMasters know what works best for your brand! 

  • Know your targeted audience well

It would be difficult to engage your audiences if you aren’t aware of whom you are talking to! To ensure that your language, content and tone resonate with your followers, you ought to know their likes and dislikes first. Knowing your audience will eventually help you determine the social media sites you need to be on, the type of content you must be putting up, and the time to publish. 

  • Add value through your content

Now that you know where to start and whom to target your pitch, you will need to pay attention to creating and sharing valuable content with your audiences. Know the fact that content that addresses the pain points of your followers is important. That’s what will keep them engaged with your brand. Think of having a conversation instead of opting for a broadcast. 

Do not just talk about your company or how your sale looks, as that would make it even more difficult for you to connect to your fans. Rather, try to connect to them via polls, animated GIFs, contests, spotlighting the customers, or through custom stickers and filters on social media posts. The best way to do this is to be a good observer. At first, experiment with the modules that would work for you, then try to analyze the kind of reactions you are getting, and thus, start repeating them all over again! 

  • Remain topical

If you aren’t sure what to start for a conversation, go with something already up! Comment or participate in a chat that’s already happening and is relevant to your brand. This way, it will get easier to connect to your audiences and understand their viewpoints so you can approach your brand content accordingly. You should be participating in both reactive and proactive engagement. 

Reactive are the ones where people would directly be reaching out to you via messages, comments or mentions. On the contrary, a proactive engagement is one where you might be sparking a conversation but have not sent you a message directly. The discussion might be about you, but not necessarily with you! 

  • Show up! 

When you see that people have started acknowledging your brand, it is time for you to show up! This will give them confidence in your brand, so they know that there is a human figure behind it at the other end. One of the best ways to make them realize this is by reverting to their comments with humor and warmth. Besides, acknowledge and answer the questions that your audiences post!

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