PPC marketing: A beginner’s guide

Jan 5, 2023 | Blogs

A beginner’s guide to PPC marketing

Ever since the digital platform has grown through leaps and bounds, more and more marketers seem to come up with innovative ideas through which they can drive traffic, generate more leads, and, thus, get them converted into their sales. If you are also one of those participants on the list, this PPC marketing guide is here for you! 

PPC marketing, often referred to as Search engine marketing or SEM, is a variety of online advertising through which you can expect your brand to appear at the top of your search engine organic results. A PPC Marketing Guide will teach you the best tips and tricks for doing it! 

PPC Marketing Guide

It is important to understand that PPC marketing has become much more complex today. But if you can do things right, the results will be incredible. Creating ads and campaigns is one of the crucial things that you need to focus on! 

  • Get the impressions quicker

If you have designed your digital marketing strategy more focused on SEO and organic traffic, it may take a good amount of time to get the results onboarded. Also, even if you write the most amazing content with the best and top-ranking keywords, you would still need to wait for some time to create an influence on your web traffic. 

However, with PPC, you can make things work for you faster. Once you set up the campaigns, you will see the platforms approve them quickly. Thus, you can start competing for the coveted SERP spots. Certainly, this will boost traffic and conversions as well. 

  • Controlling your expenses

When configuring your budget, PPC allows you to do so with a lot of flexibility. You can decide the amount you want to spend each day, or at different hours of the day, based on the traffic you have! 

You can even turn on or off your ads or adjust your bids based on your convenience. The most attractive part of PPC marketing is that you can start doing it even when you have just a small amount of money. It doesn’t require you to pay a hefty amount all at once. But rather a small sum can help you translate results. That’s the beauty of PPC marketing! 

  • Targeting high intent customers

When we talk about PPC, it is all about reaching the right sets of audiences at the right time. It is only when you know your target audiences well that you will be able to ensure whether or not you are reaching out to them. Also, this makes you understand if they are the people seeing your campaigns. 

Through PPC marketing, you can decide the demographics to target and set the devices through which you want your brand to reach your audiences. 

Further, it allows you to decide if you are reaching out to them at times when they are typing certain keywords that you have bid upon! This makes things work more in your favor as you eliminate all the possibilities to reach out to people who aren’t relevant to your business. 

  • Easy to track

Irrespective of the platform you are using for PPC, it is easy to track. Thus, you can easily measure your progress. You can witness the –

  • number of impressions you have received
  • click-through rate
  • amount you get paid per click, etc. 

As a result, you will be able to figure out how well your PPC marketing is going on and whether or not you are profitable enough with the same. 

You can even make out the keywords that led to the major number of clicks, the keyword auctions that your ads and campaigns have won, and the keywords that could target the most relevant campaigns. Since PPC can be tracked and measured, you will be open to a lot of data that could be optimized. Thus, you can improve them to increase your overall ROI. 

PPC platforms to use

Choosing the right platform for your PPC marketing is critical to ensure that you succeed in your purpose. Here are the ones to use: 

  • Google Ads

It is certainly one of the most popular platforms to use for PPC. According to research carried out in 2022, it was found out that Google holds approximately 88% of the PPC marketing share. It allows you to run numerous ads via Gmail, Google, YouTube, and Google Display Network or GDN.

  • Microsoft

It lets you see ads on Microsoft search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Windows, MSN, Cortana, and Office. 10% of the pay per click market is held together by Bing and Yahoo. The major advantage of using the Microsoft platform is that it produces lower costs per click and works truly well across several industries and demographics. 

  • Other ad networks

There’s no point missing out even a bit! In case you own an e-commerce store on Amazon, you can directly run your PPC campaigns over there! Running your campaigns on your social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Instagram can also come out to be an amazing idea! 

PPC ad formats

Once you are through with the PPC benefits and how to start with them, you need to understand the relevance of each PPC ad format and the way it brings benefits to your business. From using the most basic search ads, and shopping ads to display ads, video ads, and discovery ads, the Digital Growth Masters, will help you figure out the best deal. It would work for your brand and the kind of business that you are into!

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