Getting more engagement on Instagram: Top 10 Tips

Oct 28, 2022 | Blogs

Getting more engagement on Instagram: Top 10 Tips

When it comes to engagement on Instagram, it’s all about connecting with the people you’re trying to reach. Monitoring your Instagram user engagement lets you determine whether your social media marketing efforts produce results. It also directs you toward deeper connections with the people who follow you on Instagram.

Ten tips for getting more engagement on Instagram

Always maintain consistency: 

One of the greatest problems is keeping your customers interested in engaging with your material. Regular posting is great for establishing a loyal Instagram follower and keeping people entertained. It will demonstrate to your fans your commitment and loyalty to the brands you’ve created and to them. There is nothing more alluring than a person who is genuinely invested in the kind of material they push forward and enthusiastic about their work.

But what’s even more crucial, is the frequent updating of that material so that your audience will develop a regular engagement with your content. It will assist you in establishing a loyal relationship with them, ultimately increasing their engagement with you.

Use Hashtags:

Hashtags are the foundation of Instagram and a primary mechanism for filtering through a myriad of material on the platform. However, posting too many unrelated hashtags may cause Instagram to believe that you are a spammer, leaving you at greater risk of being labeled a shadowban. 

Furthermore, you can use relevant hashtags that help users connect to topics posted on your Instagram Stories, bio, or location-based posts to increase your visibility. You can also use them to build special content campaigns created specifically for the users. 

Moreover, you can then add hashtags for content, such as geographical hashtags, which are very beneficial for increasing engagement. Utilize the proper analytics tools to assess the effect that these hashtags have on your content and determine if they are suitable and increase engagement rate. 

Stick to using just one filter at a time

Instagram is mostly about visuals and the most-used feature are the filter options which, when used consistently, give the style and character of your photographs. Experiment with several filters before settling on one that provides your material with a particular appearance and feels so your followers can find, identify and then relate to it. Suppose you don’t like a particular Instagram filter – in that case, a plethora of third-party picture-altering applications can be applied, but they might require varying degrees of expertise.  

Posting regularly on your Instagram Stories feed: 

All the posts you see on your Instagram Stories feed exist for 24 hours. however, if you optimize them well, then you can get more ‘mileage’ out of those posts! After posting a new story on your feed, a red circle appears around your profile photograph to alert followers about that new content being posted. So, blogging daily could provide you with constant reminders to your readers that you’ve uploaded new content. Fans then begin responding by returning frequently to see if you’ve uploaded new stories, increasing engagement.

Additionally, you can even categorize those stories before sharing them using the ‘Stories Highlights’ setting featured at the top of your Profile Page. When you think of it, it’s an excellent approach to displaying stories you’ve written previously that adhere to a particular theme. 

Also consider diversifying your content using stickers, questions, and poll feedback. Polls are an excellent way to obtain input from your fans. You can question them about their favorite goods, what they like about the content they’re interacting with on your page and what else they would like to see. Try utilizing this input to optimize the engagement of future postings.

There is such a thing as follower fatigue

Having passion and enthusiasm for the brand that you’re building is very positive. However, excessive zeal is exhausting for your fans. Do not yell at your viewers or write captions that have a sense of urgency. This type of communication will eventually convince your followers that none of your posts are urgent. It might even have the exact opposite of the desired impact.

If you are a social media influencer, you are in the information business. You provide your followers with knowledge about brands, products, trends, or other stuff that will assist them in making good decisions. You have to show your followers that you genuinely believe in the things you are interested in and can truly benefit them.

Pay attention to your intuition. This can help you determine the appropriate frequency and tone for your involvement with followers, ensuring they remain engaged.

Include mentions

If a brand or person is featured in your piece, you should name or tag them. They can even share that content on their own Instagram post on their own Instagram Story. It increases your interaction and reach since those followers on a page belonging to that brand or person you’ve tagged can also view your post.

Discover Instagram’s video uses

There is no disputing the effectiveness and appeal of internet video as prime content. Instagram is aware of the kind of power video content has and it even entices advertisers and influencers with several video options fitting varied video formats and lengths.

The live video feature of Instagram Stories is useful for announcing new services and products. Using a pre-recorded ad has a more curated and strategic content effect. On Instagram Stories, you can even merge videos and still images into one advertisement or 60-second movies that stand alone. 

Instagram TV, the newest feature, is designed for long-form video content. Your followers will use your profile for longer if there is a video, increasing engagement. It is an absolute necessity if you wish to enhance engagement time.

Be truthful

It’s good if your messaging is intelligent, humorous, or even artistic as it reflects you, but being genuine with that message is equally important. When you truly embody the brand you build on Instagram, it shows. It applies to your photographs, captions, films, and narratives. You are then giving your followers authentic content that demonstrates the worth of your business.

Unique and credible content generates a sense of trust with your followers. This trust is the most significant asset you have as an influencer. It is also what other brands or businesses look for when seeking prominent influencers to use as part of their influencer marketing programs. 

Incorporate a Call to Action:

Instagram is an app for sharing photos. However, you can also utilize it to leverage the written word. Add a call-to-action to your Instagram photographs to expand your audience’s involvement. This call to action specifies exactly what you want your audience to do.

With Instagram, you can either include the call-to-action in the image’s caption or include the phrase directly into the image. The purpose of a call-to-action is to boost a photo’s number of likes and comments. can help you when it comes to getting more engagement on Instagram. Follow these tips and contact them for the best services.

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