Get more Instagram followers: 2022’s top tips

Oct 24, 2022 | Blogs

Get More Instagram Followers: 2022’s Top Tips 

You can drive free traffic to your site via an Instagram following if you have a large following on the platform. Numbers are a part of the equation, but there’s more to it. You don’t necessarily need a lot of followers to make an impact. The key to get more Instagram followers is to have people who follow your posts and like and comment on them. When you are growing your audience, you want to target these people.

Many people have heard of people buying Instagram followers, but those followers mean nothing, even with impressive numbers. Aesthetics are at the core of what they do. That’s not what we at Digital Growth Masters are trying to accomplish. It’s important to us that our audience interacts with you if you want to get more Instagram followers.

Top tips to get more Instagram followers

While the motivations for personal and commercial accounts may differ, monetary gain and popularity are always the ultimate motivations. Every blogger’s goal is to gain as many subscribers as possible to gain more influence, make useful contacts, and increase the price of advertising services.

In addition to driving traffic to land pages, increasing conversions, and engaging audiences, Instagram has become a key part of many brands’ social media presence. In case you are not getting the results you hoped for from your Instagram presence. Digital Growth Masters will tell you today how to increase your reach on Instagram in this answer.

Get the most out of your Instagram account

Setting up your Instagram account with a precise and objective username and bio is one of the most important steps before learning how to get followers.

Create a content calendar that is constantly updated

When trying to gain Instagram followers, posting content randomly is the worst thing to do. Your content should be posted regularly. Your audience will increase if you have a pattern.

Plan your Instagram posts in advance

Posting your images at the right time increases your visibility on Instagram even though the algorithms used with the platform show users more content they like.

Make Your Content Public by Getting Them to Promote It

You need to understand the value of your audience as you learn how to get more Instagram followers. It is best to make yourself visible in public if you want to attract customers.

Followers on Instagram should not be fake

An Instagram account with fake followers is very different from one with legitimate followers. Buying more Instagram followers is tempting, but the backlash far outweighs the benefits of organic follower growth. Following these tips can help you increase followers on Instagram and boost your popularity.

Posting at the right time

Instagram success is greatly influenced by posting at the right time of day. In this way, more people will be awake, and more will be using the app simultaneously. It is suggested that posting between 10 am and 3 pm on a weekday will yield the best results. The time difference between countries won’t be taken into account, however. Depending on your audience, you might want to post at 6 pm GMT if you want to reach a global audience.

Post Frequently

How often should I check? Post two to three times a day, ideally. Then, you’ll ensure your site is always updated with fresh content and won’t appear as if it has been abandoned. In addition, posting this regularly will ensure that almost everyone will see at least one image each day from you.

Use Hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags can make a big difference, so you need to use them often and effectively. To get a number of big hits, it’s important to use as many (30) as possible. Make sure you find a sweet spot in terms of popularity – you should see 30,000 posts at the very least. 

Users need to let go of their fear of unknown hashtags if they want to use Instagram hashtags correctly. People often follow this method the hard way, using only exclusive hashtags, whereas, in others, they mix them in with more popular ones. We recommend starting with a couple of popular hashtags and a few unique ones.

Choose a good look or theme 

It is common for accounts to post completely different images every time they upload, resulting in a page that lacks consistency. By maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout your images – even by picking the same filter for every image – people will be able to better understand what you’re about and whether they should follow you.

Be Consistent

It is possible to organically grow our following by implementing some simple steps. To begin with, make sure you post consistently. Try to keep your daily post frequency around the same time every day (or every other day, or twice a day, whatever works for you!). That’s not all; it also means you should stick to a specific theme. While it is absolutely fine to post a beautiful landscape photo one day and a gaming computer photo the next, sticking to a single theme is most beneficial.

Become an active follower by interacting with them

You’ve got consistency down, and that’s awesome, but there’s more to it. The Instagram community is also a good place for you to interact. Take the time to acknowledge every comment someone makes on your post – like it and respond. Over time, you will notice increased interaction if you take the initiative to speak with your followers.

Appropriate Filters

The original appeal of Instagram was its exciting and impressive picture filters. Despite expanding beyond that, filters are still an important part of its enjoyment and excitement. The pictures they produce look remarkable and appealing.

Orient your document in portrait mode

It is generally considered best practice in Instagram marketing to get more Instagram followers to take photos in portrait orientation. It is at least recommended that you use square images if not. You’ll get more engagement and hopefully more likes if your image stays on the page longer as users scroll vertically.

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