Looking For Data-Driven Marketing Strategies?

As a certified marketing analytics agency in California, DGM can help you accurately track your performance online. 

You can only create a suitable marketing strategy and make business decisions with accurate data. However, large quantities of data can be confusing and have no value til you analyze it. We ensure you receive the best analytics service to help interpret data and streamline your campaigns efficiently. Want to drive more traffic, sales, and leads for your brand? Reach out to us today!

Why Interpret Data?

Even if they have the data required, marketers still struggle to evaluate what it means. This results in them being unable to answer simple marketing questions like:

● Who are your high-value customers?

● Which marketing channels perform best?

● Are you operating better than your competitors?

● Have you allocated resources properly?

● What should you focus on while investing in a marketing campaign?

● What should be your next step for better results?

However, you do not need to worry! Our team works hard to ensure you find the best marketing strategy using data analytics, enabling your in-house team to:

● Make better decisions

● Learn customer behavior

● Choose the right path of action

● Enhance customer experience

● Deliver sustainable value

Holistic Solutions With Marketing Analytics

Digital Growth Masters provide complete marketing analytics services in California that include:

● Assessing your marketing efforts

● Setting clear goals

● Reviewing valuable data to measure results

● Getting data from different sources and interpreting it

● Making dashboards that show results and potential opportunities

● Enabling you to maintain customer privacy

DGMs digital marketing service team and analytics consultants work together to achieve your business objectives. Knowing how to use your data to optimize your campaign is crucial, and our professionals will provide you with the essential knowledge and tools to do just that. Extensive experience in marketing analytics allows our team to compare and evaluate your strategies in ways that bring a higher return.

Our Approach

Combining business knowledge with data science is what our team excels at. You will receive in-depth insight into your marketing activities, and your online marketing will operate smoothly to ensure a higher ROI. Marketing analytics and data science are highly useful for:
● Understanding customer perception
● High-level reporting
● Tracking metrics and trends
● Finding better tools
● Long-term reporting strategy

Why Choose The Leading Marketing Analytics Company In California?

Our data analysts help you use advanced algorithms to make your online marketing strategies a success. Not only will it be easier for you to send your message to the right audience, but we will analyze the ROI of your marketing campaign to help you use your resources efficiently. Our data analytics will also help you in customer segmentation and better brand positioning.
In addition to marketing effectiveness, we also provide the following:

Marketing effectiveness

With our marketing analytics, we assist you in applying the advanced algorithms that define your online marketing strategies. You will find it easy to target the right audience while delivering messages. We analyze the ROI of your marketing campaign and let you effectively allocate your resources. Our data analytics are useful for customer segmentation and better positioning of your brand.

Social media listening

Leveraging the power of social media platforms is essential for marketing. Our team understands this and processes data at high speeds to stay updated on relevant trends. Using these social media trends and advanced data-capturing tools results in high returns for your brand. We even measure customer satisfaction through reviews on different pages, which helps you provide better services. Your conversions on social media are also monitored to ensure you are using the right strategy.

Multi-channel Attributes

Need to see a comparative analysis of your different market channels? We have got you covered. Our valuable data analytics solutions will help you achieve optimal returns on your campaigns since we specialize in creating the right strategies for conversion.

Customer lifetime value

After analyzing your customer lifetime value statistics, checking purchase-by-purchase, and your overall relationship, we find the value your customers bring to your company. You can also get the cost of customer acquisition, which our team calculates using advertising and marketing programs.

Customer journey analysis

Want to know how your customers interact with your brand on the internet? Our customer journey analysis lets you see their journey, which helps you design products that fulfill their needs and wants.

Retention and churn analysis

How many customers have you gained and then lost over a short period? Our data analytics give you the statistics you need in order to make changes.

Other Specialties Of Our Team

  • Strategic marketing

Our marketing analytics services in California also include Google Analytics, eCommerce tracking, Google Tag Manager, website analytics, and CRM Integrations. Proper usage of these tools can enable you to segment your target market and identify it on multiple platforms.

  • Custom report generation

Using Google Analytics, our team offers marketing tactics and provides customized detailed reports to leverage data and fix loopholes for you.

  • Data based consultation

Our analytics consultants are devoted to helping you obtain data from different sources using the best methods, keeping your goals in mind. Want to know detailed information about your website performance, transactions, and buyers’ actions? Our team is ready to empower you with the info you need to make the best decisions for your brand.

  • Make smarter decisions

It is essential to understand your shopper’s decision. Our team will learn everything about your target audience. We provide detailed information about your website performance, the number of transactions, and buyers’ actions. With this vital information, you will be empowered to make the best decisions for your business. 

Would you like to work with us and our data analytics services? Having the most accurate data at the right time is essential for making crucial decisions on your marketing and sales funnel. We enable you to see a clear picture of all your marketing activities.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and beyond.

Here at Digital Growth Masters, we ensure you get a clear picture of all your marketing efforts.

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